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The Parkwood Luxury Guest Lodge is a testament to the enduring spirit of organic growth and transformation. Over the course of two decades, we have seamlessly merged three distinct properties to craft a harmonious and exquisite guest lodge. As an owner-operated establishment, our commitment to excellence has remained unwavering since the very beginning, and our dedicated staff members have been an integral part of our journey from day one. The original properties were thoughtfully reimagined, meticulously renovated, and artfully decorated to culminate in the haven that stands today. Nestled in the heart of Johannesburg, The Parkwood is more than just a guest lodge, it is a secure oasis of luxury and tranquility, inviting you to experience the city in a truly unique and enchanting way.
" As the proud owners of The Parkwood Luxury Guest Lodge, we take pleasure in meeting the diverse needs of both business and leisure travelers who seek a serene and stylish environment."
Dean & Sarah Shonfeld